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Bearing Precious Seed

Temple Baptist Church is a Seed-line Church that is committed to being involved hands-on in the production of Bibles and Scripture portions.  These churches cover the cost of printing a given number of Scriptures, and the church members personally assemble, finish, and prepare the Scriptures for distribution to a Pastor, Missionary or Church.


Special projects are opportunities to have a financial involvement in a specific endeavor such as supplying Bibles or New Testaments for the U.S. Armed Forces, shipping a container to a particular missionary or country, or providing paper to print Scripture in a chosen language. 


Temple Baptist Church can send the finished scripture portions to a project that BPS is working on, or use them in some other way.  The ultimate goal is to place the Word of God into the hands of people that need the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Door to Door Visitation

Street Ministry

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